Friday, June 12, 2015

Join Me For The Ride

Hello, world.

I’ve never been much of a blogger. Reality has always seemed too dull, too average to write about. Until now, I’ve preferred to tell exciting, fictional stories—sometimes about myself in a fantastical world with talking animals and knights in shining armor, sometimes about genetically altered teenagers destined to save humanity. But I finally have a real story worth telling.
It’s mine.
I am an eighteen-year-old girl who drinks too much coffee, fan-girls about her characters, is obsessed with Peter Pan, and at age fifteen, self-published her first novel, The Prime Way Program: Be The Victor. Eleven months later, at age sixteen, I published the second installment of my trilogy, The Prime Way Program: Just Strength. I’m currently pursuing traditional publication for my latest book, The Vestige, and will be traveling to New York City in a few months to pitch to agents and publishers.
Stories are my life-long passion. I want to not only put my stories on bookshelves and television screens but also act as a career template for young writers desiring publication. The posts on this page are for them—to help, encourage, and show that with hard work and God’s blessing, all things are possible.
This blog isn’t a monotonous retelling of my day-to-day life or a stereotypical writer’s blog. This is about a teenage girl’s encounter with the world of publishing and her journey to success.

Join me for the ride.