Caroline George published her debut series, The Prime Way Program, at age fifteen. Since publishing, she has been nominated twice for the Georgia Author of the Year Award, gained readership worldwide and has spoken at various libraries, schools, tradeshows and coffeehouses.

As a teen writing for teens, Caroline knows firsthand what readers desire in books and works to craft stories that cater to their vibrant, intelligent imaginations. Her heart for young writers has motivated her to post information on her blog (Girl Meets Publishing World) that educates and welcomes them into her life journey. She also communicates with her readers through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, hosting contests and encouraging those pursuing their dreams. Besides connecting through media, Caroline travels across the Southeast, speaking to students and adults about the publishing industry, sharing her book passion and discussing her stories over cups of coffee. She believes the key to a successful platform is connection, and she strives to create a friendship between her and her readers.
Now a Nashville resident, Caroline spends the majority of her time in hipster coffeehouses, sipping lavender mochas, writing, performing her original songs in obscure venues and undertaking spectacular, over-the-top projects. She is currently a student at Belmont University, works as an intern for Harper Collins Christian Publishing and does freelance publicity work for film companies and musicians. You can learn more about Caroline by visiting her website at www.theprimewayprogram.com.


·       The Prime Way Program: Be the Victor (Published through CreateSpace and Nook Press, 2013) – YA Dystopian/Science Fiction

·       The Prime Way Program: Just Strength (Published through CreateSpace and Nook Press, 2014) – YA Dystopian/Science Fiction

·       Represented by Hartline Literary Agency

·       Currently studying to earn a degree in Publishing and Public Relations at Belmont University

·       Founding editor of the Belmont Story Review

·       Marketing intern at Harper Collins Christian Publishing

·       Freelance publicist for Main Street Productions

·       Co-publisher and contributing writer of Pursue Magazine


  • The Prime Way Program: Be the Victor was nominated for the 2014 Georgia Author of the Year Award in YA Fiction

  • The Prime Way Program: Just Strength was nominated for the 2015 Georgia Author of the Year Award in Science Fiction.


  • Georgia Writers Association

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