The Prime Way Program: Be The Victor

“The numbers on your arm define you. You are who we say you are. You do what we say you do. You think what we say you think. You can’t kill the Program.” The Prime Way Program, designed for engineering a new race of super-human teenagers. “Once it’s entrenched in the system, there’s no tearing it out.” 

For ex-Legionaries, Kyle Chase and Cora Kingston, the closing of the Program is bittersweet. No longer will they be forced to endure the pain of training in the Ground Sector, spend endless hours lying on the examination tables in the Prime Way labs, or live knowing that at any moment, their paranormal abilities may cause them to end a life. They were deceived, betrayed, turned into weapons meant for destroying our world. And now, left to fend for themselves in an ignorant society where the futuristic technology of Prime Way no longer exists, Kyle and Cora must choose.

Do they continue to run from their new identities and the life they’ve left behind?

Or do they face the mastermind of the Program and prepare an army to defend our worlds? 

Packed with gritty romance, thematic depth, and rip-roaring action, this Sci-Fi thriller has readers clamoring for a sequel and the world pondering a question that has critics raving. Will Kyle and Cora be the Victor, or the Victim?


The Prime Way Program: Just Strength

I can’t breathe. 
I don’t want to breathe.  
Maybe by accident I’ll suffocate myself and fall back into a place of warmth and happiness,
A place where Kyle is there to remind me who I am.

A plot-driven blend of suspense, science fiction, and romance, the second novel of The Prime Way Trilogy, Just Strength, continues the engrossing story of genetically-altered teenagers, Kyle Chase and Cora Kingston, as they race against time to save humankind from extinction.


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