Thursday, October 29, 2015

Waiting for YES

Words of encouragement for those in the midst of rejection.


Rejection is blood pumping through the publishing industry’s heart—agents reject authors, publishers reject manuscripts, and stores reject books. Although this is frustrating for writers desiring publication, rejection helps to weed out the “dandelions” from the “roses.” In other words, NO ensures that the best books reach shelves.

Does this mean rejection brands a book as a “dandelion”?

Of course not!

Remember, the publishing industry is based solely on preferences, opinions, and past successes. One agent’s “dandelion” is another’s “rose.”

And let’s be honest; everyone loves to pick a “dandelion” once in a while.


I am currently in the querying process for my latest book. I’ve sent out close to sixty queries and even though I know the facts, it isn’t easy to check my email and see a rejection letter.

Many of you are in a similar situation. You’re aching for someone to recognize your potential and fall in love with your work. You dream of the day when you’ll check your email and find a YES.

But until that day comes, remember these four things:

1.     It’s not personal.

Agents/Publishers receive hundreds of queries/proposals per week. They have preferences and are looking for ways to cut their slush skyscraper into a manageable pile.


2.     Each NO brings you closer to YES.

Crossing an agent or publisher off your list only means you’re approaching a breakthrough.

You can’t find an open “door” until you start knocking.


3.     Remember your dream, your passion, and why your book deserves to be read.

It’s easy to become discouraged during the querying process and think of your work as a soulless product to be sold. Fight the urge. Remind yourself why you’re querying, why you decided to write your book, and why it deserves to be read.


4.     When the “doors” close, kick one down.

After you’ve extinguished all options, shift your perspective and find new, unconsidered options. Be your own YES. Make your dreams happen.

In publishing, this option is known as self-publishing.
 Quoting actor Tom Hanks,

If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. It’s the hard that makes it great.”