Thursday, July 9, 2015

Writing Can Be Such a Pitch!

Remember when I said being an author was hard?

Yeah, I was right.

Today has been especially difficult. I’ve been working on my latest book’s pitch and query because in nineteen days, I’ll be on a plane to New York City. In twenty-three days, I will meeting with agents.
No pressure.

What made today difficult wasn’t that I had a TON of work to do; it was that I didn’t know how to do my work. I spent most of the day researching, listening to webinars, and deleting sentences. It’s funny, really. A few months ago, when I registered for the conference, I thought the preparations would be a breeze because, let’s face it, I’m a genius. Nope. Not true. I find my conceited expectations brutally, humiliatingly hilarious.

If you remember one thing from my blog post today, remember this: it is better to expect and prepare for difficult and be pleasantly surprised when things are easy.

Between the pitch and query, writing the query has been the most enjoyable. I wrote two options today, each with a different angle. One is professional. The other is risky and as Sara Megibow would say, “Sparkly.” Click the links, read the template queries, and let me know which format you like best. PROFESSIONAL or SPARKLY?

Remember when I said being an author was lonely?

Yeah, I was right about that too.

God has placed many wonderful people in my life who support and love me in spite of my eccentric, overly-driven behavior. But even though I have them rooting for me, I am pursing this career on my own. They can offer their opinions, but the decision to listen is mine. Besides, not all of them can offer sound advice regarding the publishing industry or understand my mentality.
Writers are athletes without coaches.
Authors are athletes with too many coaches.


Have you ever wondered who made the cover of your favorite book? Who inspired and mentored your favorite author while he/she pursued his/her dream?

There are several men and women who have made my writing career possible. I’d like to take a moment and introduce you to some of them.

Mrs. Capers was my Literature teacher throughout middle and high school, and is now my mentor. In eighth grade, I dumped two, full-length fan-fiction novels onto her desk. She encouraged me to write an original novel, edited and critiqued my work, gave me the freedom to find my own literary voice, and is now helping me prepare for my upcoming conference. She’s been with me every step of my writing journey.


Britleigh and Bradley were the first Cora and Kyle. Bradley attended a nearby high school—I didn’t meet him until he arrived at the cover-shoot. I’ve known Britleigh since I was a toddler. She is an incredible, strong person who has supported me throughout my writing journey.

Kati was my second Cora. Due to her gymnastics background, she had the physical built I wanted for the second book’s cover. I loved working with her. She perfectly embodied Cora's character and let me wrap her in bandages and smear her with dirt.
Tessa Emily Hall has been my best friend for almost a year now. She is a brilliant author and editor with a heart for young writers and serving the Lord. We met when we reviewed each other’s first book and a few months later, we started to plan a book-tour. Tessa immediately adopted me into her life and has taught me so much about the publishing industry. Together, we’ve spoken at libraries, homeschool groups, and coffeehouses.

Favoron Productions created the cover of my latest book. They’re a spectacular startup company with talented photographers, filmmakers, and producers. I’m excited to see where God takes them.

Maribeth and Cole are professional models who posed as my main characters, Julie and Jack. I met Cole in my college psychology class and knew immediately that he had to be the face of Jack. I found Maribeth on his Instagram—she looks like Julie. Both are incredibly talented and professional with bright careers ahead of them. I hope to use their skills again in the future.

My Mom has been my most-dedicated supporter, reader, and confidant. Even though we occasionally bicker, she will always be the person I credit with my writing success.


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  1. Sorry this is so late! I couldn't get the sites to load before. Honestly, I think the sparkly one could stand to be a TAD more professional, but the professional one was just plain boring. So, I guess if I had to just pick one, I'd have to go with the sparkly one.