Friday, September 30, 2016


Tessa Emily Hall, award-winning author of “Purple Moon,” and
Caroline George, author of “The Prime Way Trilogy,”
set to hold workshop for aspiring authors
at the Anderson County Museum

(Nashville, Tenn.) – The teen author duo, Tessa Emily Hall and Caroline George, will host a writing and publishing workshop, Write Now, on October 8, 2016 at the Anderson County Museum, 202 E Greenville St, Anderson, SC from 10:30 AM – 3:30 PM. Write Now caters to teen and adult writers, and offers inspiration as well as step-by-step guidelines that will increase chances of publication.

Unlike other workshops, Write Now motivates writers to pursue author careers with realistic expectations and knowledge of the current marketplace. Tessa Emily Hall, award-winning author, blogger and agent intern, shatters the misconceptions surrounding the traditional publishing realm and offers editing and pitch tips. Caroline George, two-time Georgia Author of the Year nominee, multi-self-published author and marketing intern for Harper Collins Publishing, offers an in-depth look at the setup of a publishing house and the process of self-publication. Participants will leave Write Now with a better understanding of the industry and be equipped with writing, editing and marketing tools to assist their efforts.

Tessa’s debut novel, “Purple Moon,” which was published while she was still in her teen years, has been vastly praised. Actress Alyson Stoner, known for her roles in Cheaper by the Dozen, Camp Rock and Step Up, said about “Purple Moon,” “Tessa offers a glance at the complex and all-too-commonly dysfunctional nature of relationships--to self, to family and peers--especially as we're learning to navigate the world on our own. Nimbly, she also interweaves hope amidst suffering; promise amidst frustration; restoration and wholeness among chaos and confusion; and endurance and vibrance among the throes of life. Purple Moon feels like the perfect side-hug to my teenage self, which reassures me I'm not alone, but knows I'm highly hormonal and not in the mood to romanticize life’s messes.”

At fifteen years of age, Caroline self-published the first book in her trilogy, “The Prime Way Program: Be the Victor.” Since then, the series has gained worldwide readership and gushing reviews from readers such as George's world building is stunning and character development is amazingly strong. Her dedication to this book and characters is also not something to be overlooked. […] Truly an amazing story.”

From the get-go, when Tessa and Caroline first met to discuss book-tour plans over cups of coffee, they decided pairing their platforms would not only grow their success but encourage young writers to pursue their life visions. Now, after two years spent strengthening their credentials and friendship, they are ready to broaden their audience to include adult writers.

“I’ve never had a friendship quite like mine and Caroline’s,” Tessa said in an interview with Lisa Bergmanis of Belmont University. “We both share a strange obsession for imaginary characters, coffee and stories. Because of that, when we hang out, we don’t typically do the normal best friend stuff—such as watching movies, painting our nails, shopping, etc. (Actually, on a rare occasion when we did watch a movie, we took notes on the plot the entire time. Ha!)”

With one teen writer’s workshop already under their belts, complete with raving reviews from participants, the YA author duo is ecstatic to be offering the information behind Write Now to the general public.


To reserve a spot at the event and pay the twenty-dollar fee, email Registration closes October 7, 2016.

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